Uniontown Lake senior honored with Lifetime Presidential Service Award


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Uniontown Lake High School senior Skyler Pine received the Lifetime Presidential Service Award for her unwavering commitment to community service.
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Skyler Pine, a senior at Lake Middle High School in Uniontown, was honored with the Lifetime Presidential Service Award for her exceptional commitment to community service. Pine’s dedication was celebrated for her contributions, totaling over 4,000 hours of volunteer work.

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, Pine has been deeply involved in various aspects of her school and community. Her passion for helping others extends beyond her academic pursuits, as evidenced by her plans to study as an Intervention Specialist at Walsh University.

Pine’s involvement in her church and community has been exemplary, particularly in her work with the disability community, where she has been recognized multiple times as a Presidential Service Award winner.

A notable endeavor of Pine’s is her participation in The Stark Blessing Box Initiative, where she constructs and stocks blessing boxes with essential non-perishable items for those in need. Her dedication to this initiative reflects her compassionate nature and commitment to supporting her community.

In addition to her community service, Pine has made strides in the world of fashion and modeling, gracing the cover of Supermodels Unlimited’s Most Beautiful Edition in 2023 and holding titles such as Miss American Coed Miss Ohio Teen 2023 and Miss American Victory Teen 2024.

Beyond her achievements, Pine’s diverse interests and hobbies, including writing, knitting, and spending time with loved ones, highlight her well-rounded personality and the importance she places on creativity and relationships.

The Lifetime Presidential Service Award bestowed upon Pine not only acknowledges her outstanding achievements but also recognizes her embodiment of altruism and empathy. Her dedication serves as an inspiration to her peers and community members, reflecting the spirit of service that defines her character.