Columbia Gas says strong odor in Minerva, Malvern is not from a gas leak, but a chemical issue


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Columbia Gas residents may be experiencing a strong smell of what smells like gas, but officials with the company say it’s not a gas leak.

“Our crews are aware of a gas odor in some parts of our service territory,” a spokesperson for Columbia Gas said. “The situation is safe, and the source of the odor is known.”

PCC Airfoils in Minerva was evacuated Wednesday morning due to the smell, but the Sandy Creek Joint Fire Department gave the department the all clear to return back to work. Reaidents from Minerva and Malvern have called their local departments about the strong smell.

The odor is occurring due to an overabundance of an additive known as mercaptan being added by an upstream supplier. Mercaptan is a harmless substance that makes it easier to detect natural gas.

“The source of the odor is not due to a gas leak,” officials say. “Although we have identified this odor source, it is important to contact us at 1-800-344-4077 if you believe you are smelling a gas leak.”

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