Canton murder case to be featured on Investigation Discovery channel


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The Canton Police Department’s investigation into the homicide of 26-year-old Tiara Burch is set to be featured in an episode of “Real Time Crime” on the Investigation Discovery channel. Burch, a Canton resident, was tragically killed in January 2022, leading to the arrest of Canton locals Jamal Bullock and Aja Lindsey.

Police Chief John Gabbard expressed his hope that the show will highlight the diligent work of the department’s officers. While Gabbard believes in acknowledging their response, he insists it does not diminish the loss experienced by Burch’s loved ones. As the episode approaches, he extends his deepest sympathies to Burch’s family and friends, recognizing the broadcast could reopen painful wounds.

The episode is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, January 23rd, at 9 p.m. on the Investigation Discovery Network.