Multiple killed in Ohio tornados, search and rescue efforts underway


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Severe storms wreaked havoc in Ohio on Thursday night, leading to a tragic toll of at least three fatalities. The state was plagued by a series of 20 tornado warnings, plunging thousands into darkness as power outages swept through. This marks the second onslaught of storms and probable tornadoes in Ohio within a fortnight.

Logan County authorities are grappling with a catastrophic event as a suspected tornado struck a trailer park near Indian Lake, resulting in the loss of three lives. Situated approximately 70 miles northwest of Columbus, this incident has prompted Sheriff Randy Dodds to acknowledge the potential for a rise in the death toll as rescue operations persist.

Dodds highlighted the challenges faced by first responders due to hazardous conditions, hindering search efforts overnight. The aftermath has left areas strewn with debris and downed power lines, raising concerns of additional casualties that may surface during ongoing search missions on Friday morning.

The Sheriff noted peculiar scenarios where singular homes stood unscathed amidst total devastation surrounding them. Plans for a comprehensive update via a news conference later in the day, following collation of more details, are in the pipeline. State officials, including the office of Governor Mike DeWine, have been actively engaged in these developments.