Stark County Jail Corrections Officer hospitalized after attack by inmate


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A Stark County Jail Corrections Officer was assaulted by an inmate during routine duties on February 21, according to authorities.

Inmate Prince Toussant R Trammell, classified as a precautionary inmate, launched a surprise attack on the officer from behind, officials with the Stark County Sheriff’s Office said. In the altercation that followed, the inmate managed to seize the officer’s keys and transfer them to another inmate confined in a cell. The assailant returned to assault the officer once again.

The swift response and training of the corrections staff enabled the officer to regain control of the situation until additional assistance arrived. The inmate was restrained and received medical attention. Charges filed against the inmate include Attempt to Commit Murder, Felonious Assaulting an Officer, Strangulation, and Escape.

The injured officer was transported to Aultman Hospital for treatment and was later discharged.

Stark County Sheriff George T. Maier commended the actions of the corrections staff, stating, “We are extremely fortunate that our officer survived this attack. Unfortunately, the nature of our profession exposes us to inherent risks. This incident underscores the training, dedication, and professionalism of our staff. They followed protocols and collaborated effectively to manage a perilous situation. Such challenges are a daily reality for our personnel, and they confront them with unwavering commitment to their duties and the safety of our community.”