Minerva Dairy, Kishman’s IGA join forces to celebrate local community support


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Two beloved local businesses, Minerva Dairy and Kishman’s IGA, have come together in a special partnership this November, celebrating the crucial role of the local community in their success. This unique collaboration is set to not only delight local patrons but also underscore the profound connection between businesses and the communities they serve.

Kishman’s IGA, a cornerstone of the Minerva community, has forged a partnership with Minerva Dairy, a renowned purveyor of high-quality dairy products. Throughout the month of November, customers can enjoy the exceptional taste of 8 oz of Minerva Dairy’s delectable salted butter at an unbeatable price of 2/$3 at Kishman’s IGA.

Venae Watts, the fifth-generation owner of Minerva Dairy, emphasizes the significance of this partnership by stating, “Local partnerships with agriculture, schools, and businesses are key to remind the community that although our products are consumed nationwide, it is the hard work of our rural town that makes it possible. Business and communities grow together.”

This collaboration not only brings an enticing offer to the community but also highlights the importance of fostering strong local connections. The partnership showcases how the synergy between Minerva Dairy, with its rich heritage and commitment to quality, and Kishman’s IGA, a trusted local grocer, can lead to mutual growth and prosperity.

Minerva Dairy, known for its award-winning, small-batch butter and cheese products, has deep roots in the community and is proud to share its success with the people who have supported it for generations. Kishman’s IGA, a family-owned grocery store known for its dedication to local products, is excited to offer their customers a taste of Minerva Dairy’s exceptional butter at an unbeatable price, recognizing the value of local partnerships.

This partnership between Minerva Dairy and Kishman’s IGA is not just a promotion; it’s a celebration of the community that has been the bedrock of their success. Together, they are proving that thriving local businesses and vibrant communities go hand in hand, and this special November offer is a delicious testament to their shared commitment to their hometown.

So, make sure to visit Kishman’s IGA this November and take advantage of the 2/$3 offer on Minerva Dairy’s 8 oz salted butter. Not only will you be treating your taste buds to a local delicacy, but you’ll also be supporting a meaningful partnership that demonstrates the powerful connection between businesses and their communities. Join Minerva Dairy and Kishman’s IGA in celebrating the local community’s vital role in their success.