Threat made at Northwest High School, student accused of making threat


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Classes at Northwest High School in Canal Fulton are set to resume as usual on Monday, following an incident involving a threat to the school.

Canal Fulton Police received a report from a student regarding threats made by another student.

In response to the report, local law enforcement swiftly located a student who is considered a “possible suspect” at the high school. The identity of the student has not been disclosed, and as of now, no charges have been filed against them.

As a precautionary measure, additional police officers will be present at the school to ensure the safety and security of the students and staff.

Authorities are actively investigating the incident to gather more information and determine the appropriate course of action. The school administration and law enforcement officials are working closely together to address the situation effectively and minimize any potential disruptions to the educational environment.

Parents and guardians have been notified about the incident and the measures being taken to ensure the safety of their children.

Updates regarding the ongoing investigation will be provided as new information becomes available.