Fight on Tuscarawas County golf course knocks man unconscious


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Tuscarawas County Sheriff Orvis Campbell announced that his office has taken action against two golfers involved in a physical altercation on the Five Waters golf course last Friday.

The incident, which resulted in charges of disorderly conduct, unfolded when the two men, who were part of different groups, engaged in a heated argument that eventually turned violent.

Sheriff Campbell said the altercation seemed to have been sparked by one group’s belief that the other was intentionally directing golf balls towards them, leading to escalating tensions on the course.

The sheriff said the two men walked into the middle of the fairway before getting into the physical altercation.

During the confrontation, a 45-year-old man delivered a punch to a 48-year-old, who lost consciousness. According to the sheriff’s report, the victim suffered a laceration on his lip and appeared disoriented when deputies interviewed him afterward. He was taken to Trinity Twin City Hospital for evaluation.

Both individuals were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct as a result of their involvement in the incident. They are expected to appear before Southern District Court next Tuesday to answer to the charges.