Sinkhole restricts portion of U.S. 30


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If you’ve traveled east on U.S. 30 in the last week heading towards East Canton, you most likely saw a gaping hole in the road.

The City of Canton’s Engineer Department said the sinkhole was discovered early Friday morning on Friday, April 7 while working on a sewer project.

The ramp from 77 North to US 30 E is closed due to the sinkhole.

Since the sinkhole was discovered, Canton Assistant Engineer Nick Loukas said it has been mobilized with low-strength mortar. The hole started out small, but has since grown to 6′ to 8′ around, six feet deep with a narrow shaft of nearly 25 feet deep.

“We’re going to do some work on 30 to stabilize to ensure that the road is stabilized,” said Nick Loukas, the city’s Assistant Traffic Engineer.

Loukas said they are going to make sure the sinkhole does not grow any further and does not extend across the road. It’s currently on the brim/shoulder on the right side of 30.

Right now, U.S. 30 is restricted to one lane heading East on the left side. Loukas said the goal is to get a second eastbound lane open by Friday, April 14.

“Fortunately, it’s deep, but it doesn’t extend north into those other lanes,” Loukas said. “There is a little dip in those lanes.”

Loukas said once they get the second lane open, the sewer project will continue and should last three to four weeks. The other two lanes will remain closed until the project is complete as a precaution.