Documents: Waynesburg man arrested after holding teen girl captive, threatening to shoot her


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A Waynesburg man is behind bars after court documents say he held a 17-year-old girl captive at an oil well site.

According to Canton Municipal Court records, Samuel Bowles, 27, was charged with kidnapping, assault, aggravated menacing and theft. He was arrested Wednesday.

The criminal complaint says Bowles forcibly removed the teen girl from her home before allegedly taking her to an oil well site and beating and strangling her.

Bowles lives on Brookford Avenue where documents allege he compiled scissors, a hammer, knife and pliers.

The complaint says Bowles threatened to pull out the teen’s teeth with the pliers and shoot her.

Bowles later took the teen to a house on Maple Avenue NE in Canton, according to the complaint. That’s where he barricaded himself in a room with the girl. Witnesses who became suspicious tried to help her and called the police.

Bowles is scheduled to be arraigned Friday morning.