Road rage incident in Tusc. County leads to man being hospitalized


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Authorities in Tuscarawas County are investigating a road rage incident that escalated into a violent assault, leaving a 53-year-old man with significant injuries.

The Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital on Friday, February 9, 2024, after the victim arrived at the Emergency Room seeking treatment following the assault.

According to the victim, while traveling westbound on W. High Ave, he was “cut off” by another driver operating a white Chevrolet pickup as he proceeded southbound on 16th St. SW. The victim honked his horn and flashed his headlights at the offending driver to express his displeasure. The driver of the white truck then followed the victim to an area near his home where the altercation took place.

The victim was punched and kicked repeatedly before the suspects fled the area. The victim sustained severe facial injuries and underwent two surgeries to repair the damage.

Initial information provided by the victim described the suspects as three younger males who were occupants of the white Chevrolet pickup. Video footage captured of the truck later aided in its identification.

On February 12, 2024, Sgt. Bryan Patrick, while on patrol, observed a vehicle matching the description of the suspect’s truck. Sgt. Patrick made contact with the owner of the truck and his son. After further investigation, Sgt. Patrick identified the 19-year-old son as the driver of the suspect vehicle on the night of the assault. The driver, however, refused to disclose the identities of the others involved.

Following consultations between Sgt. Patrick and Capt. Fisher, it was determined that an additional interview would be conducted at the Sheriff’s Office. Capt. Fisher interviewed the 19-year-old and obtained the identities of his associates on the night of February 9, 2024. Subsequently, all three individuals confessed to their involvement in the road rage incident and assault.

Authorities plan to hold a conference with the Tuscarawas County Prosecutor’s Office to determine the appropriate charges in this case.