Village of Minerva weighing options for Community Building, location


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Officials are weighing multiple options for the current Minerva Community Building within the village.

The building, located at 123 Brock Ave, was first constructed in the 1950s with the purpose and packing ammo for war, but over the last couple of decades, it’s served as a gathering place within the Minerva community. The village now owns the building, and they’re weighing options for the center.

The proposed choices include remodeling the existing building, rebuilding the existing site, or relocating and renovating the former Dollar General building on Valley St.

In this article, JMN is going to include the estimated price for each proposal.

Option 1 ($1,255,098) – Renovation of Existing Building: This option involves the renovation of the existing community building. The key features include:

  1. Relocating the entrance to face the park, fostering a stronger connection with the natural environment.
  2. Creating an inviting outdoor patio to accommodate community gatherings, events, and recreational activities.
  3. Rehabilitating both the exterior and interior spaces to meet current building codes and standards.
  4. The colors and designs are subject to change, but they will be selected with the community’s preferences in mind.

Option 2 ($3,277,132) – Building a New Facility: This option envisions the construction of a new community building from the ground up. It offers the following advantages:

  1. Relocating the entrance to face the park, maximizing the scenic views and providing a seamless transition to the outdoors.
  2. Incorporating a dedicated office area to enhance the building’s usability and administrative functions.
  3. Designing an outdoor patio to serve as a multi-purpose space for various community activities.
  4. The colors and designs are adaptable to community preferences, ensuring a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Option 3 ($1,192,646) – Rehabilitate Old Dollar General Building: This option suggests repurposing the old Dollar General building to expand the Minerva Community Building. Key highlights include:

  1. Adding a covering at the entrance to provide shelter during inclement weather, ensuring convenience for visitors.
  2. Increasing the community building’s space by approximately 500 square feet to accommodate more community events and activities.
  3. The colors and designs are flexible, allowing for community input and customization.

Contact Village Administrator, Benjamin Gunderson, at [email protected] or 330-868-7705 with any suggestions or opinions.