Traffic alert: I-77 exit ramp closures to affect commuters from October 18-19


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Starting Wednesday, October 18, through Thursday, October 19, the affected I-77 ramps will be inaccessible between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day.

Closure Details:

  1. Arlington Rd. to I-77 Northbound Ramps:
    Motorists using the ramps from Arlington Rd. to I-77 northbound will face closure during the specified hours. Detour: To navigate around the closure, drivers are advised to take Arlington Rd. northbound to Waterloo Rd. eastbound. Subsequently, they should proceed to Kelly Ave. and then head westbound on U.S. 224 to access I-77 northbound.
  2. SR 241 to I-77 Northbound Ramp:
    The exit ramp from SR 241 to I-77 northbound will also be closed during the stated time frame. Detour: Commuters are encouraged to follow the detour route by taking SR 241 northbound, turning westbound onto U.S. 224, and then merging onto I-77 northbound.
  3. I-77 Northbound to I-277 Westbound Ramp:
    Another affected exit ramp will be the one leading from I-77 northbound to I-277 westbound. Detour: Drivers should take U.S. 224 eastbound and proceed to Kelly Ave. From there, they can continue westbound on U.S. 224/I-277 to reach their destination.