Canton teen first reported missing charged with murder of Toledo woman


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In recent developments regarding the missing Canton teenager who was discovered in Mexico alongside a 33-year-old Toledo man, new details have emerged shedding light on the situation.

An assistant prosecutor has revealed that 17-year-old Kaitlyn Coones is now facing charges of juvenile aggravated murder in relation to the death of 53-year-old Nicole Jones, the mother of the Toledo man.

Following her return to the United States, Coones has been placed in the Multi-County Juvenile Attention Center located in Canton Township. Subsequently, she has been arraigned on local obstruction charges.

The circumstances surrounding Jones’s death still remain a perplexing mystery, as no body has been recovered at this time.

The investigation into this incident continues, with authorities working to uncover further evidence and establish a clearer understanding of the events that unfolded.