Details released in fatal crash involving Norfolk Southern train, dump truck in Cleveland


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JMN is learning more details regarding a fatal accident between a Norfolk Southern train and a dump truck in Cleveland.

A Norfolk Southern employee was killed early Tuesday morning in the accident.

Louis Shuster, a Norfolk Southern conductor, was fatally injured early Tuesday morning at the Cleveland-Cliffs Cleveland Works property in Cleveland, Ohio after the train he was in collided with a dump truck.

“At this time, officials are reporting that the conductor was struck by a dump truck as a Norfolk Southern train was moving through a crossing at the facility,” a statement from Norfolk Southern read.

The Cleveland Police Department have released preliminary details regarding the fatal crash that happened around 1:30 Tuesday morning.

According to police, the dump truck stopped at a stop sign at the railroad tracks. After stopping, the dump truck proceeded forward and collided with the front left side of the first train car that was operating in a south direction.

Shuster, the conductor of the train, was positioned on the front left side of the forward train car and was struck in the collision.

Shuster, 46, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Norfolk Southern said they grieving the loss of a colleague and have been in contact with Shuster’s family.

“Norfolk Southern has been in touch with the conductor’s family and will do all it can to support them and his colleagues,” it said. “We are grieving the loss of a colleague today. Our hearts go out to his loved ones during this extremely difficult time.”

Norfolk Southern is working with the Cleveland Police Department and Cleveland-Cliffs representatives to confirm the details and learn everything possible about the incident. Further, the company has been in contact with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, SMART-TD union leadership, and Cleveland-Cliffs leadership.