DeWine to announce new Covid-19 vaccine incentives


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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said he will be announcing new incentives on Thursday for people to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

DeWine said more people need to get vaccinated as young people continue to fill up hospitals who are suffering from the virus.

“We’ll be announcing some incentives directly aimed at the problem we’ve been looking at this week and talking about this week — and that is the number of young people who are not vaccinated,” he said during a visit to Rocky River Wednesday.

DeWine said the Vax-A-Million pushed more people towards getting vaccinated, and he hopes a new incentive program will get people more hyped to get the vaccine.

“We saw our numbers of vaccinations go up rather dramatically. We would like to do something, and we hope that what we’re going to announce will drive this up among the more younger people,” DeWine said.

Earlier this year, the Vax-A-Million was an incentive that awarded five $1 million prices and five four-year scholarships to eligible children who received their vaccine.

Many local stores and businesses have offered their own vaccine incentives over the summer. Some even gave away gift cards for those who received their vaccine.

It’s unsure what new incentives DeWine plans to announce, but we will have the latest information right here on JMN.