Could Ohio bring in the National Guard to help with the bus driver shortage?


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Many states around the country, including Ohio, are weathering a bus driver shortage in local school districts. The shortage of bus drivers continues to spread thin current bus drivers and other school staff and parents.

Massachusetts requested the National Guard to transport students to school in the state, and Ohio may not be too far behind.

Gov. Mike DeWine said he has considered and it’s a possibility that we could see the National Guard driving children to school.

Local schools in the JMN coverage area are suffering from a bus driver shortage as well.

One local superintendent told JMN that school bus mechanics who have their license are being asked to step in and drive to complete routes. They said they’re getting the job done, but resources are thin.

Many schools are facing a shortage due to bus drivers out with an illness, or stepping away for other jobs. During quarantine, more people were at home and online shopping – doing all this while bus drivers weren’t working. Many bus drivers picked up jobs driving for Amazon or other companies and never returned to their duties.

One superintendent told JMN he has his license and he hasn’t had to step in and drive yet, but if it comes to that, he will.

If you are interested in driving bus for your local school district, contact them to discuss the process.