Canton City Schools fire three former assistant coaches from district jobs; former HC on unpaid suspension


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The Canton City School Board voted unanimously to terminate three of the six former assistant McKinley football coaches from their district employment – separate from their previous coaching jobs.

At Thursday night’s Board of Education meeting, the Board voted to terminate the employment contracts of Joshua Grimsley, Frank McLeod and Zachary Sweat. Former head coach Marcus Wattley has been suspended from his school district administrative position without pay, pending the formal termination process.

The coaches were relieved of their coaching duties three weeks ago at the conclusion of a weeklong investigation into allegations they forced a player to eat pepperoni pizza against his religion.

“Canton City Schools has always made our students’ safety and well-being our top priority, and we will continue to ensure individuals who do not represent that objective are not permitted to hold positions within our district,” said the school district in a statement. “As such, the decisions of our Board this evening was to remove all involved parties from school employment or, in the case of the former head coach, to continue the administrative termination process.”