Dover City Council asks mayor to submit resignation in signed letter


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JMN has obtained a copy of a letter signed by all seven Dover City Council members and Council President Shane Gunnoe calling for the mayor to resign immediately.

Mayor Richard Homrighausen was first elected to the position in 1991 and the letter cites his “declining ability,” to lead the city of Dover.

“We have witnessed first hand the leadership you have shown, the ideas you have presented to us for consideration,” the letter read in part.

The letter continued with “we have also noticed those very qualities lessen as the months have passed. We have witnessed your manner at council meetings and been made aware of many duties of your office left undone or not completed in a timely manner.”

The letter hinted at council only having “vague” details as to why Mayor Homrighausen as not performed.

“City council’s confidence in your ability to continue to lead this city has greatly diminished,” the letter read.