Three soldiers killed in military helicopter crash


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Officials report that three U.S. soldiers have died in a military helicopter crash Wednesday night.

In a press conference Wednesday night, NY officials said the New York Army National Guard UH-60 medical evacuation helicopter crashed into a field, killing three soldiers on board. The crew was on a ‘routine training mission.’

The accident occurred around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in Mendon, a suburb of Rochester, NY. Witnesses to the crash said they saw the helicopter flying low to the ground. Moments later, it crashed into an open farm field and caught fire.

Emergency crews, who were first on scene, immediately “went into life-saving mode,” said Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter.

The soldiers who parished are believed the be members of the National Guard, Baxter said.

“This is a heavy heavy burden on all of us,” Baxter added. “We’re waiting for the National Guard for confirmation of who was on board and identification of our great soldiers.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released the following statement in regards to the tragic fatal accident.

“I am devastated by the crash of a New York Army National Guard helicopter in the town of Mendon that killed three of New York’s bravest during a training mission,” Cuomo said. “National Guard members are our citizen soldiers who voluntarily serve and protect both here and abroad, and I extend prayers and condolences from all New Yorkers to the family, loved ones and fellow soldiers of these honorable heroes who we will never forget.”