Woman shows gun during altercation at Canton Local playground over weekend


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A Canton woman is facing charges after court records claim she threatened students on a playground with a gun she had.

The incident happened at Faircrest Elementary School on Sunday afternoon.

According to Canton Local Superintendent Brett Yeagley, a group was playing on the playground. It’s alleged that Kimberly Smart, 41 of Canton, brandished a gun in her waistband to the people on the playground.

“At no time was there a threat made to our school day or our school operations, as this happened on a Sunday afternoon when school was not in session,” Yeagley said.

According to the criminal complaint, Smart was in possession of a semi-automatic Bersa .380 handgun. Yeagley said a verbal altercation ensued between a group using the playground and Smart then showed she had the gun – which is against the Ohio Law.

Smart is facing a felony count of Convey/Possess Weapon on School Property.

She is set to appear for arraignment on April 27 at 9 a.m.