Out of salt? Here’s a list of alternative ways to melt ice


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Finding your driveway covered in snow and ice is never a great way to start the day. Most people pull out rock salt and generously pour it on the driveway, but what if you’re out of salt? Maybe you’ve heard about all the drawbacks of rock salt and don’t want to use it anymore. Thankfully, there are many alternatives for removing snow and ice from a driveway without rock salt.

1. ➡️ Using sand.

Sand not only absorbs sunlight, which can help snow and ice melt, but it also adds traction so that your friends and family don’t slip and fall.

2. ➡️ Using kitty litter.

Though it doesn’t melt the ice and snow, kitty litter is like sand in the fact that it also adds traction for a non-slip surface. Both kitty litter and sand need to be applied on top of the snow to be effective.

3. ➡️ Using vinegar.

Because vinegar contains citric acid, it will help melt snow and ice. However, it may take a few applications.

4. ➡️ Using coffee grinds.

Like sand, coffee grinds will absorb sunlight to help melt snow and ice faster. It will also give you a non-slip surface.

5. ➡️ Deice sparingly, then shovel.

If you must use a deicer, use it sparingly to reduce negative impacts and to save on costs. Use deicers to loosen ice up for the shovel/ice pick or to eat away at spots that are very slow to melt.

6. ➡️ Create a hot water, soap, and rubbing alcohol mixture.

This particular solution is one you can easily and quickly make yourself. Simply grab a bucket and add half of a gallon of hot water, one-fourth a cup of rubbing alcohol, and around six drops of dish soap. Once it’s all combined, you pour the solution over the driveway. The snow should bubble up and begin melting. You’ll still need to use a shovel to scrape away any leftover snow. You also might need to make more of the mixture if you have a larger driveway.

7. ➡️ Using wood ash.

Wood ash is a good snow melting solution if you have a wood-fueled fireplace. Instead of throwing the wood ash away, simply gather it and use it as a slow-acting melt solution. It contains potassium, which is why it works.