Carroll County woman accused of shooting, killing her boyfriend found not guilty


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Audrey (Branch) Cole, the woman who was accused of murdering her boyfriend, 32 year-old Army veteran Matthew Mott back in May of 2021 in their Mechanistown home was acquitted Tuesday.

The jury of the Carroll County Common Pleas Court ruled Cole, also a military veteran, not guilty on 2 counts of murder and felonious assault.

Cole, 34, had told cops that Mott had attacked her during an argument on May 3, 2021. She fearfully loaded her rifle and tried to leave the residency when she encountered him again, according to the defense. 

Mott lost his temper during the argument and grabbed Cole’s head while she was sitting on the edge of her bed. He threw her, putting her head through the wall, according to defense attorney Chase Mallory.