Man killed, two arrested after stolen vehicle crashes into car in Canton


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The Canton Police Department is investigating an accident that killed one person at the intersection of 4th St and Harrison NW after a stolen van crashed into another civilian vehicle.

Chief Jack Angelo said his department was requested to the 600 block of WC Henderson St. NE just after noon Thursday after a man reported his vehicle stolen. A short time later, the owner of the van contacted police and said his vehicle was seen at 4th and Lawn Ave NW. Officers responded and approached the vehicle – that’s when the two suspects in the stolen van fled the scene at a high rate of speed.

The driver of the stolen van ran a red light westbound on 4th and struck a civilian vehicle – killing the driver.

“The Canton Police Department was not pursuing this vehicle,” said Chief Angelo. “Both persons in the stolen van were taken into custody, one after a foot pursuit.”

The two arrested were 34-year-old Jacob S. Lang and 36-year-old Andrew Taggart.

Man of stolen vehicle speaks with JMN

Joshua Cerny told JMN that he was working on a job site. When he walked outside, that’s when he saw his van moving.

“I yelled to my friends working with me that my van was being stolen and yelled and chased after the guy and the van,” Cerny said. “The van turned down the side street and the guy running jumped in.
I couldn’t catch up.”

Cerny said his friends were able to track the van until police spotted it.

“I guess that’s when the van took off again and ran the light, which killed a man innocently driving,” he said. “I just don’t get it… a life was lost because of someone stealing my van and wanting to sell some tools.”

Cerny expressed his sympathy for the family of the person who died in the civilian vehicle.

“It’s just a sad, terrible day and I feel so bad for the gentleman and his family,” he said. “My mind is just shook.”