Two arrested following high-speed pursuit through Alliance


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The Alliance Police Department issued a warning on social media urging individuals with warrants related to guns and drugs not to flee from law enforcement, emphasizing that “things never end well.”

This caution came after a pursuit on Thursday involving two suspects who attempted to evade officers in Alliance.

The incident unfolded as officers attempted to apprehend the fleeing subjects, sparking a high-speed chase that spanned Stark and Portage County for approximately 25 minutes. The pursuit came to a crashing halt when the suspects’ vehicle careened into a ravine on Waterloo Road.

Following the crash, authorities were able to apprehend both individuals, who were charged for their outstanding warrants. One of the suspects faced warrants for Felonious Assault, while the other was wanted for assault with a firearm specification in Texas. During the investigation, officers discovered two firearms inside the vehicle, with one of them reported as stolen.

No serious injuries were reported.

The Alliance Police Department underscored the importance of compliance with law enforcement.