Stark County Auditor’s Office employee accused of stealing $250k from elderly family member


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Nicholas Owens
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An employee of the Stark County Auditor’s Office has been arrested on five felony charges after being accused of stealing over $250,000 from his 91-year-old great-aunt, according to a North Canton Police Report obtained by Jordan Miller News.

Nicholas Owens, responsible for weights and measures within the Auditor’s office, allegedly siphoned the money from his great-aunt, whose name JMN has chosen to withhold. Owens had assumed the role of financial Power of Attorney (POA) for his great-aunt in September 2020.

The report, with information provided to police by family members, says when Owens took over as POA, his great-aunt had $215,733.16 across three Chase Bank accounts. However, by the end of April 2024, the balance had dwindled to $40,116.48. The report also notes withdrawals from the elderly woman’s 401k, as well as insurance claims and vehicle titles being transferred into Owens’ name.

Two family members, suspecting financial mismanagement, alerted the North Canton Police Department. They reported that Owens’ great-aunt, who has been diagnosed with severe dementia and resides in a local nursing facility, had shown signs of financial exploitation. The second individual authorized to manage her finances noticed unusual large withdrawals and credit card payments inconsistent with her frugal spending habits, according to the police report.

The report also alleges after more digging, Owens allegedly withdrew $50,000 from his great-aunt’s 401k without consulting her or other family members. Additionally, the elderly woman’s three vehicles — a 2010 Toyota Camry, a 1965 Ford Mustang, and a 1973 Lincoln Continental — were transferred to Owens’ name, the family members told police. While the Lincoln may have been legitimately given to Owens before her health declined, the family members believe Owens had the car titles signed by his great-aunt without her understanding the documents.

Owens currently faces the following charges: Theft from a person in a protected class (F1), Securing writing by deception (F2), Misuse of credit cards (F4), and two counts of Grand theft (F4.)

Before being hired into the auditor’s office, Owens worked for the Stark County Board of Elections.

 “On Tuesday I was made aware of the arrest of Nick Owens on charges unrelated to this office or his duties,” Stark County Auditor Alan Harold told JMN. “I will continue to evaluate the situation as it unfolds.”