Details: Man dead following swat incident in Minerva


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The Carroll County Sheriff’s office is currently investigating a standoff incident that unfolded at a residence on Metro Lane in Minerva on Monday afternoon, resulting in the death of a man in his 60s, Sheriff Calvin Graham told JMN.

The situation began when authorities received a call for a welfare check around 3 p.m., leading deputies to the 9100 block of Metro where they encountered a male individual, Sheriff Graham noted.

When deputies first arrived, multiple shots were fired at them, striking three Sheriff’s cruisers at the scene, leaving heavy damage. Sheriff Graham mentioned that the deceased individual utilized multiple firearms during the incident.

No deputies sustained injuries as they sought cover behind their vehicles immediately. Law enforcement refrained from returning fire, opting instead to employ non-lethal methods such as bean bag rounds or flash bangs to manage the situation, Sheriff Graham noted.

The deceased was the sole occupant of the residence at the time of the incident. His identity has not yet been disclosed by authorities.

Sheriff Graham revealed that the individual was reportedly experiencing a mental health crisis and had sought assistance from Coleman Mental Health Service earlier that day, albeit without receiving the necessary support. Sheriff Graham is unsure why the deceased was unable to receive support.

The standoff persisted for approximately 3 to 3.5 hours.

Other departments responding to the incident were: Minerva Police, Canton Police, Perry Twp. Police, Sandy Creek Joint Fire Department and East Canton Police.

Check back on JMN for updates.