Opinion: Why the Browns must win on Sunday, although it’s just week three


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Year after year, Browns fans haven’t dealt with loss too well; myself included.

Not only did the Browns lose a winnable week two game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but they also lost their team’s number-one running back Nick Chubb.

When Chubb went down with one of the most gruesome injuries since Joe Theisman’s broken leg in 1985, the Browns lost the heart and soul of the offense. They lost the man that their offense is built around.

On 99% of the team’s around the league, the quarterback should be the centerpiece of the offense, but for Cleveland, it was their RB1 and has been since the 2019 season.

As the Browns enter week three at home, they are faced with another winnable game against the Tennessee Titans. Not only is Sunday’s game winnable, but it’s a must-win for this Cleveland squad and more importantly, head coach Kevin Stefanski.

The Browns (1-1) cannot afford to fall to 1-2 with a loss to the Titans heading into a gauntlet of the next two games against the Ravens (2-0) and the 49ers (3-0).

There are 230,000,000 reasons why the Browns should win at least 12 games this season, and it all starts with the guy wearing number four.

Cleveland’s front office knew the heat they were going to take with the signing of Deshaun Watson in March of 2022. The Haslams sold their souls, trading three first-round picks and giving him $230 million over five years. But they want to be in the Super Bowl winning club so bad. They aren’t getting any younger, and nows the time to get it done.

Win out the gate and nobody questions the signing of Watson. Lose, and everyone, including great-grandma who has never watch a snap of Browns football, is going to have an opinion on signing someone like Watson who comes with the baggage that he does.

Whether Cleveland’s front office has said it or not, there’s a threshold for Stefanski and the Browns this season. 10 wins and a wildcard spot in the playoffs. Anything short of that and Stefanski will be gone.

7-10. Gone.

8-9. Gone.

9-8. Gone.

Last season, Stefanski got a pass. We knew Watson was facing an 11-game suspension and we were thankful for the position that Jacoby Brissett had the team in when he handed over the keys to Watson.

This season, there is no excuse. A full training camp with Watson. A full season ahead with him as QB1. It’s do or die for this year’s squad. If the playoffs are missed, we can all say goodbye to Stefanski and we’ll be back at square one.