Two-vehicle crash temporarily shuts down SR 43; crash victim flees Aultman Hospital


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A serious two-vehicle crash caused a section of State Route 43 to be temporarily closed on Tuesday evening. The incident, which occurred in the 6000 block of Alliance Rd in Malvern, resulted in one vehicle catching fire and multiple individuals requiring medical assistance.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene, including the Great Trail Fire department and EMTs.

One patient was transported by Great Trail Fire, while two others were taken to the hospital by EMTs. None of the injuries are life-threatening, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The road closure lasted for approximately 1.5 hours as authorities from the Ohio State Highway Patrol investigated the crash.

An unexpected twist unfolded at Aultman Hospital, where the not at-fault driver in the crash, who had been transported for medical treatment, provided false identification information before abruptly fleeing the facility. The individual fled with an IV line still attached to their arm. Authorities are currently seeking further information about the whereabouts of this individual.

According to preliminary reports, the incident was triggered when a gentleman in his 90s pulled out of a parking lot, inadvertently colliding with another vehicle on State Route 43.