Microburst producing winds of 100 mph travels through Carroll County


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The aftermath of severe storms that swept through the area on Saturday, August 12, left a trail of damage in its wake, as confirmed by the National Weather Service of Pittsburgh.

According to a storm survey conducted by the agency, the destruction observed near Cyprus Road SW off of State Route 39 was attributed to a microburst.

The impact of the storms was felt on multiple fronts, as two outbuildings bore the brunt of the force.

One of these structures lost a portion of its roof, while the other faced more extensive damage, with its entire roof being torn away. The severity of the situation escalated when a sizable I-beam was displaced, plummeting to the ground below where it collided with farming equipment.

Assessing the visible aftermath, meteorologists estimated that wind speeds during the event reached an approximate range of 90 to 100 mph. These calculations were drawn from the extent of the wreckage and the patterns of destruction witnessed in the area.