Ohio voters reject Issue 1 by a large margin; lawmakers react


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Lawmakers across Ohio are speaking out after voters shut down Issue 1 which would’ve changed the way Ohio amends its constitution.

Issue 1 presented voters with the choice of adjusting the support threshold essential for passing forthcoming state constitutional amendments to 60%, an increase from the current requirement of a simple majority. Alongside this alteration, the proposal aimed to enhance regulations for organizations seeking to introduce future measures on the ballot. This enhancement involved the necessity of obtaining signatures from residents in all 88 counties of Ohio, as opposed to the existing requirement of 44 counties.

Furthermore, the proposal aimed to remove a 10-day period referred to as the “curing” period. During this period, groups are presently allowed to collect additional signatures to replace any invalidated ones as determined by officials.

The failure of Issue 1 was projected by the Associated Press just a little over an hour into polls closing.

For months leading into the special August election, both sides pushed advertising about the controversial issue.

The failure of Issue 1 is a win for reproductive rights advocates.

The outcome of this outcome implies that the upcoming November ballot’s proposed amendment will only necessitate a basic majority to establish the inclusion of abortion rights within the state constitution.

“Ohioans saw this amendment for what it was: a power grab by powerful people designed to silence their voices,” Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown said after the failure of Issue 1. “By rejecting State Issue 1, Ohioans rejected special interests and demanded that democracy remain where it belongs – in the hands of voters, not the rich and powerful. That is what has always guided me and I am proud to stand with Ohioans in this fight.”