Charges not to be filed against Massillon football players who tackled, stripped teammate naked


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Stark County Prosecutor Kyle Stone announced Tuesday that charges will not be filed against the Massllion football players who stripped a teammate naked from the waste down.

My office completed a thorough review of the information provided, in addition to meeting with the victim and his family,” Stone said.

According to prosecutor Stone, the incident is deemed to be a locker room horseplay.

“Upon completion of said review, it is the determination of this office there will be no charges filed against the players seen participating in what has been deemed locker room horseplay that went too far,” Stone noted.

According to Massillon police reports obtained by JMN, four Massillon football players are tackled a teammate and stripped him naked in what police called a hazing incident.

“While this behavior is inexcusable, it doesn’t rise to the level of criminality,” Stone said.

The incident that involved the football player being stripped naked video was recorded and shared amongst other people.

Prosecutor Stone did add that, although the players involved in the alleged hazing incident will not be charged, charges may be applied to any individual who shared the video.

“Our investigation does however continue into the dissemination of this incident,” he said. “We take the sharing of imagery of children in vulnerable states very seriously, and will apply the law accordingly.”

In the initial police report, both the football player and his mother told officers that they did not want any of the teammates in criminal trouble.

While Massillon schools conducted their investigation into the matter, head football coach Nate, Moore was suspended. He has since been reinstated to his position.