Local state Rep. Bob Young facing felony charge, Speaker calls for resignation


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State Representative Bob Young (R-Green) is facing serious legal consequences following a series of incidents involving his family members. Speaker of the House Jason Stephens has called for Young’s immediate resignation.

Young appeared in Barberton Municipal Court this past weekend to face domestic violence charges, resulting in a felony charge and several misdemeanor charges. While the Summit County Sheriff’s Office has not released any official information regarding the incidents, it is known that they occurred early Friday morning and later in the morning.

According to The Beacon Journal, one of the charges stems from a distressing incident where a 9-1-1 caller had their cell phone thrown into a swimming pool.

The consequences faced by Representative Young highlight the gravity of the situation, prompting Speaker of the House Stephens to demand his resignation. The incidents have caused significant concern among residents and officials, calling for swift action to address the matter.

Further updates regarding the legal proceedings and any potential actions by the state legislature will be provided as more information becomes available.