Green resigns from Minerva, becomes new basketball coach at Strasburg


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Shawn Green is leaving Minerva to become the next head coach of the Strasburg Tigers boys basketball program.

With an impressive coaching background spanning 22 years, Green brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for the game to his new role with the Tigers.

Green’s coaching journey began with 13 seasons as an assistant coach, including five years at Marlington and eight years at Alliance. He then took the reins as the head coach at Minerva for nine seasons – dating back to 2014.

Green’s tenure at Minerva saw him secure the fourth spot on the all-time wins list for the school. Furthermore, he enjoyed his players’ accomplishments, with two Player of the Year titles in the Eastern Buckeye Conference (EBC) in the last six seasons, as well as coaching five All-Ohio players who received honorable mentions or better.

Aside from his coaching career, Green also holds the position of Vice President of the District V Coaches Association.

Expressing his gratitude to the Minerva community, Green acknowledged the impact the town had on his family and coaching career.

He thanked the school for allowing him to teach, coach, and represent the community over the past nine years.

Green and his family have been an integral part of the Minerva basketball scene, and their connection to the town runs deep.

“The best decision we ever made was moving into the center of town, a baseball’s throw from the high school,” Green said. “We got to watch our daughter, Annilese, grow up and graduate a Lion, and our other two kiddos have lived in the gym and around Minerva Athletics their whole lives.”

Green expressed his deep appreciation for what Minerva has done for his family, acknowledging that they would dearly miss the town and its people.

Reflecting on his goals when he first took over the Minerva job, Green shared his two-fold mission.

“Two of my goals, when I took the Minerva job, were to use basketball as a means to help make young men more prepared for adversities in life and to leave the program a better place than when I found it,” he said. “I feel like I have done both.” 

While he has enjoyed coaching in a Division 1/Division 2 league, Green has always held a special fondness for small-town basketball and the unique spirit of D4 basketball towns.

Drawing inspiration from his visits to the iconic Hoosier Gym in Indiana, Green expressed his excitement about joining the Strasburg Tigers, referring to them as Ohio’s own “Hoosiers.”

He spoke highly of the school, its beautiful facilities, and the basketball-centric culture that thrives in Strasburg. During his discussions with Strasburg’s administration, Green felt an undeniable connection to the program and the district.

He expressed humility and enthusiasm at the opportunity to lead the Tigers’ basketball program and teach in the Strasburg community.

As the Green family prepares to make the move to Strasburg, they view this new chapter as a significant decision and an incredible opportunity for both Green’s career and the development of the Strasburg Tigers.