Local Emergency Rescue Squad ordered to shut down


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In a recent development, a judge in Ohio has granted the request made by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost to shut down the Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad, a local emergency response team.

The decision comes after Yost filed a lawsuit against the squad for allegedly operating without a required governing board.

The ruling by the judge mandates that the Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad must halt all operations within the next two weeks. Additionally, the judge has prohibited the squad from selling or transferring any properties that were acquired using charitable funds.

For years, the Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad had played a crucial role in providing fire and emergency response services to Newcomerstown and the surrounding areas. However, this lawsuit has brought an abrupt end to their operations.

To address the immediate vacuum left by the squad’s closure, the village authorities have taken matters into their own hands by establishing a new fire department. With the establishment of the village fire department, they aim to ensure the continuity of emergency response services for the local community.

Local officials are working diligently to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the high standard of emergency services that the community deserves.

As the Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad prepares to wind down its operations, questions are being raised about the underlying issues that led to the lawsuit and subsequent closure. The absence of a governing board seems to have been a significant factor in the legal action taken by the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

The future of emergency response services in Newcomerstown now rests on the shoulders of the newly established village fire department. Time will tell how effectively they can fill the void left by the closure of the Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad and ensure the safety and well-being of the community in times of crisis.