United Local breaks ground for new school, set to open in 2025


Members of the United Local school board break ground at the site of the district's new future K-12 school.
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United Local broke ground for their new school during a ceremony held on Saturday afternoon.

The momentous occasion marked the beginning of a transformative project to provide state-of-the-art facilities for kindergarten through 12th-grade students.

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The new school, which will be constructed by the 2025-26 school year, is set to replace the existing facilities while incorporating some cherished elements.

United Local school board president Denise Rhodes says she can’t wait to see how the children benefit from the new school.

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“I came on the board five years ago in January, over the past five years there has been lots of behind-the-scenes work to bring this project to fruition,” she said. “I am thrilled to be a part of this, and cannot wait to see how our children and community benefit from it!”

The groundbreaking ceremony took place at the site where the new school will wrap around the current building for a seamless transition. Once completed, the modernized school will retain the high school gym and auditorium.

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Hammond Construction, a reputable company based in Canton, leads the construction efforts for this ambitious project. With their expertise in educational facility construction, Hammond is committed to delivering a top-notch learning environment that meets the needs of United Local students for generations to come. Collaborating with them is SHP, an esteemed architectural firm headquartered in Columbus. Renowned for its innovative designs, SHP will bring its creative vision to the project, ensuring the new school reflects functionality and aesthetic appeal.

United Local holds a rich history, dating back to its establishment in 1951 when 11 one-room schoolhouses were consolidated. At that time, 15 classrooms were constructed to accommodate the growing number of students. As the district expanded and students progressed through the grades, the high school was completed in 1955, marking a significant milestone for United Local’s educational journey.

Looking ahead, the new school will usher in a host of improvements and amenities. In addition to modern classrooms, the project will encompass the construction of new middle school and elementary gyms. These dedicated spaces will provide students with enhanced opportunities for physical education and extracurricular activities, fostering their holistic development.

While the construction progresses, United Local School District remains committed to ensuring uninterrupted education for its students. The old school will be operational until the new facilities are ready to accommodate the students, at which point the transition will be executed. The phased move will ensure minimal disruption to students’ learning experiences and enable a smooth transition to the new school environment.

The groundbreaking ceremony not only marked the physical construction of the new school but also symbolized a commitment to the future of education in United Local. As the project takes shape, the anticipation and enthusiasm among students, parents, and the community continue to grow. United Local School District is poised to embark on an exciting new chapter, one that will empower students and inspire excellence in education.

As the construction progresses, the community eagerly awaits the unveiling of the new school, eager to witness the realization of its vision for a modern and inclusive learning environment.