Minerva, Carrollton athletes shine at district track meet


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Carrollton and Minerva high schools showcased their talents at the highly anticipated district track meet hosted at West Holmes High School. The top four finishers in each event advanced to next week’s regional meet.

The Minerva girls track team placed second and Carrollton finished fourth. As for the boys, the Indian Valley Braves won the district championship and Minerva finished third.

In the Girls 4×800 Meter Relay, Minerva’s team stole the show, claiming victory with a time of 9:51.43 seconds. The quartet of Hera Hoffee, Hannah Ison, Annabelle Crissman, and Kayla Crissman secured the first-place finish, earning ten points for their school.

West Holmes came in second place with a time of 10 minutes and 32.96 seconds, earning eight points. Carrollton’s relay team also put up a strong performance, finishing in third place with a time of 10:39.13 seconds, earning six points.

The Boys 4×800 Meter Relay was equally thrilling, with Indian Valley emerging as the victors.

The Minerva boys relay team showcased their talents, securing second place with 8 minutes and 31.19 seconds, earning eight points.

In the Girls 100 Meter Hurdles, Carrollton’s Cierra Miller finished in third place at 17.09. Grace Goudy from Harrison Central claimed the top spot.

Moving on to the sprints, Kyleigh Lippincott from Minerva demonstrated her speed in the Girls 100 Meter Dash. Lippincott crossed the finish line in 13.45 seconds, securing a solid third-place finish and adding six points to Minerva’s tally. Jasmine Giauque from West Holmes High School claimed the top spot.

In the Girls 4×200 Meter Relay, the team from Minerva demonstrated their speed and teamwork, securing a commendable third-place finish with a time of 1:53.06. The team comprised Ireland Kirkpatrick, Lilah Sanor, Samantha Plottner, and Hannah Foor contributed six crucial points to Minerva’s overall score. The event was won by Harrison Central.

The Boys 4×200 Meter Relay witnessed an impressive victory by the team from Carrollton High School. Brock Smith, Lawson Irwin, Zach Perorazio, and Nathan Baker combined their speed and coordination to clock a remarkable time of 1:31.49, securing first place.

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Kayla Crissman of Minerva showcased her exceptional running abilities in the 1600-meter run, claiming the top spot in the event with a remarkable time of 5:26.06.

Not far behind, her teammate Katie Ison put forth a strong performance, finishing in second place with a time of 5:30.76.

Representing Carrollton, Maddie Burgett displayed her grit and tenacity throughout the race, crossing the finish line in 5:41.79.

Kylie Ujcich, also from Carrollton, exhibited her endurance and determination, completing the race with a time of 5:48.16. Ujcich’s strong performance secured her fourth place in the event.

The Boys 1600 Meter Run saw Xander Heil from Indian Valley High School emerge as the champion. However, Rowen Hoffee and Mason Steele from Minerva High School put on an impressive display of distance running, securing second and third place, respectively. Hoffee’s time of 4:36.99 and Steele’s time of 4:39.31 earned them eight and six points for Minerva.

In the Girls 4×100 Meter Relay, the team from Carrollton High School blazed their way to victory with a time of 52.76 seconds, securing first place. The team consisted of Marleigh Osolin, Isabella Nuzzolillo, Bri Shockey, and Emma Shafer.

The Minerva team, consisting of Kyleigh Lippincott, Ireland Kirkpatrick, Lilah Sanor, and Cleo Mueller, also put on an impressive performance, finishing just behind Carrollton in second place with a time of 52.95 seconds.

The Boys 4×100 Meter Relay witnessed another remarkable victory for Carrollton High School. The team, composed of Brock Smith, Lawson Irwin, Zach Perorazio, and Nathan Baker, blazed their way to first place with an impressive time of 43.82 seconds, earning ten points for their team.

In the Girls 400 Meter Dash, Jasmine Giauque from West Holmes High School took the top spot with a time of 58.87 seconds. Hannah Foor from Minerva High School also displayed her talent, earning valuable points for her team with a commendable fourth-place finish.

In the Girls 300 Meter Hurdles, Elizabeth Funkhouser from Carrollton crossed the finish line in 47.23 seconds, securing first place.

The Boys 300 Meter Hurdles witnessed an outstanding performance by Garrett Ault from Minerva High School, who claimed first place with a time of 41.11 seconds.

In the Girls 800 Meter Run, Noelle Smith from West Holmes High School emerged victorious with a time of 2:23.76. Kayla Crissman and Annabelle Crissman from Minerva High School finished second and third, respectively. The race also witnessed impressive performances from Natalie Kinsey from Claymont High School and Aerianna Braxton from Coshocton High School.

Jasmine Giauque from West Holmes High School dominated the Girls 200 Meter Dash, crossing the finish line in 26.46 seconds and securing first place. Kyleigh Lippincott from Minerva took second place.

In the Boys 200 Meter Dash, Caleb White from Lisbon Beaver claimed victory with a time of 22.46 seconds. Nathan Baker from Carrollton High School demonstrated his speed, securing second place.

The Girls 3200 Meter Run witnessed an exceptional performance by Hera Hoffee from Minerva, who claimed first place with a time of 11:47.07. Hannah Ison, also from Minerva, finished closely behind in second place. Josie Lesnansky from Richmond Edison and Maddie Burgett from Carrollton High School placed third and fourth.

The Boys 3200 Meter Run saw Grasyn Rettig from Minerva dominate the competition, finishing with a time of 9:52.99. Joe Carlisle from Indian Valley High School delivered an impressive performance, securing second place. Jacob Miller from West Holmes High School and Ricky Sibila II from Carrollton finished third and fourth.

Cleo Mueller from Minerva emerged as the standout performer in the long jump event, leaping her way to victory with an impressive distance of 17-09.50.

Her remarkable jump was even more remarkable considering it was a personal best jump for her.

In a close competition, Makyah Maple from Claymont High School demonstrated her own talent and determination, earning second place with a jump of 16-09.50.

Laney Duff from West Holmes High School showcased her athletic prowess, achieving a distance of 16-05.25. Duff’s strong performance earned her a well-deserved third place finish. East Liverpool’s Dacianelle Andrews jumped 15-09.25, securing fourth place.