Video: Getaway driver flashes gun at clerk after thief steals chips from Dollar General


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In a startling incident at a local Dollar General store, a theft took an unexpected turn when the suspected thief was confronted by a clerk, according to East Canton Police.

The situation escalated quickly when an accomplice, waiting in a car outside, brandished a firearm and threatened the clerk’s life.

East Canton Police are currently investigating the incident.

According to Chief Tom Hinerman, the theft occurred when an individual walked out of the Dollar General store without paying for a bag of chips. As the suspect exited the premises, a store clerk pursued him, intending to capture a photograph of the driver’s license of the person waiting in the getaway vehicle.

However, as the clerk approached the car, the driver emerged from the vehicle brandishing a firearm, making explicit threats to harm the clerk. After the menacing encounter, the suspect swiftly returned to the car, and the duo sped away from the scene.

Law enforcement authorities have since identified the male suspect responsible for the aggravated menacing incident. A warrant for charges of aggravated menacing has been issued, emphasizing the seriousness of the threat made against the clerk’s life. However, the identity of the individual who committed the theft of the chips remains unknown at this time.

East Canton Police are actively investigating the incident and are determined to apprehend those responsible for both the theft and the menacing act.

Chief Hinerman has emphasized the importance of addressing the aggravated menacing charge, highlighting the potential danger posed to individuals in the community. However, he assures the public that every effort will be made to identify and hold accountable the individual responsible for the theft.