Indictments issued for 3 teens involved in Massillon’s Indian River riots


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The aftermath of the riot at the Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility continues to unfold as three out of the 12 teenagers involved have been indicted as adults. Cantrelle Henderson, aged 16, Damari Thomas, aged 17, and Darius Burns, who recently turned 18, now face charges of aggravated riot and escape.

The incident occurred last October when the accused teenagers allegedly seized control of a building within the facility, maintaining their hold for a duration of 12 hours. These serious charges highlight the severity of their actions.

In a separate and unrelated case, Rodnell Williams, a 17-year-old inmate at Indian River, has been indicted as an adult for felony assault. Williams stands accused of punching another inmate with a closed fist back in September, resulting in the current charges against him.

It is worth noting that Malik Boston, aged 19, the sole adult involved in the incident, was previously convicted on identical charges and received a prison sentence of 5 to 7-and-a-half years in January.