Charges dropped against man in kidnapping scheme of Canton baby


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A woman from Canton and a man from Conesville, OH were initially held on $750,000 bond after a kidnapping plan. However, recent developments have resulted in one suspect being released.

According to Canton Police, Sapphire McDougleh, 31, of Canton, approached a mother in the 700 block of Alan Page Dr wearing a name tag and claiming to work for Child Protective Services.

The mother stated that McDougleh took her 3-week-old daughter. CPS was contacted, and they confirmed that the person was not affiliated with their department, urging immediate notification to the police.

Canton Police Detectives swiftly identified the suspect vehicle using one of their license plate readers. The vehicle was registered in Conesville. Consequently, law enforcement officials in Coschocton County were promptly notified.

The suspect vehicle was spotted in Coshocton County, resulting in a traffic stop and the subsequent arrest of two individuals. Fortunately, the baby was recovered unharmed.

Initially, McDougleh was charged with kidnapping, while 21-year-old Brandon Savage of Conesville faced charges of complicity to commit kidnapping.

A Stark County grand jury did not find enough evidence to support an indictment against Savage and the charge against him has been dropped. Savage was ordered to be released from the Stark County Jail, where he had been held since his arrest.

Meanwhile, McDougleh remains charged with kidnapping.