City of Akron braces for Jayland Walker decision, restricts access to buildings


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As the public awaits a grand jury’s decision regarding possible indictments against Akron police officers in the shooting death of Jayland Walker, the City of Akron has announced public access to some government buildings will be restricted beginning Friday.

Walker was shot dozens of times last June while the 25-year-old attempted to flee police. Eight officers fired their guns at the unarmed Black man who was running away from officers were shots rang out.

The City’s Municipal Building 166 S. High St.) and the Harold K. Stubbs Building (217 S. High St.) will be closed off to the public until further notice beginning April 14, a press release from the city read.

The decision to close off the buildings was for safety reasons, according to the release.

“As the City prepares for the upcoming decisions from the grand jury seated in the Jayland Walker case, this decision was made for both the safety of city employees and the public, as well as continuity of city operations,” it read.

City services will continue without interruption. The change in building access will impact Akron City Council’s ability to meet in person on Mondays. The meetings will be held virtually until the building reopens for public access.