Drive-by shooting in Minerva area under investigation


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Residents in West Township just outside of Minerva went to bed with their guards up Tuesday night following a drive-by shooting.

Witnesses tell JMN that a red pickup truck with a utility cap pulled up to a home in the 10000 block of Mindling Dr, came to a stop in front of a house and fired multiple rounds at a home before driving away around 7 p.m.

“I heard six or seven rapid gunfire shots and they sounded like they were right in my driveway, right in my garage,” a neighbor said.

The neighbor said he received a frantic call from a person who lived inside the home that was shot at.

“The guy that lives in the house over here calls me on the phone, in a panic, he said ‘somebody is shooting the house. There’s bullets going through the house. What am I to do?’,” the neighbor told JMN. “I told him to stay low on the ground. And get to the basement if you can.”

That’s when the neighbor’s wife, who said she watched the shooting happen, called 911.

“My wife tells me that it was a red pickup that pulled up and was shooting out the window,” she said. “She seen the pickup shooting out the truck and at the house. Then the pickup just casually drove away like nothing happened.”

The neighbor told me he’s lived in the neighborhood for years, and this kind of activity is out of the norm.

“We don’t have these types of issues at all,” he said. “No robberies. No murders. Nothing like that. Heck, you don’t even have to lock your vehicles around here, nothing like that ever happens around here.”

Columbiana County Sheriff Deputies were on scene on the shooting Tuesday night. We’re waiting to receive comment back from them regarding the details surrounding the shooting.