Juvenile suspect escapes Stark County facility after climbing barbed-wire fence, steals car


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Authorities are searching for a teen who they say escaped from the Multi-County Juvenile Attention System on Faircrest in Canton Township on Thursday.

According to a report from the Stark County Sheriff’s Office, the teen escaped the facility located at 815 Faircrest St SW when he jumped a barbed wire fence.

The report indicates that the 15-year-old was outside in a group session when he ran towards a fence, climbed to the top and got access to the top of an adjacent building. The suspect then jumped to the ground and ran toward Faircrest St SW.

Deputies were then dispatched to the scene to assist in locating the teen. While searching for the escapee, deputies were notified that a vehicle had been stolen from the 800 block of Weaver St. SW, which they believe was stolen by the teen.

The fence that the teen climbed was 12 feet tall with barbed wire at the top.

The teen is from the Columbus area. Authorities have notified law enforcement officials in Franklin County and Columbus that the teen may be heading their direction.