EP police say situation resulting in arrest of reporter escalated when Major General John Harris pushed him


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The East Palestine Police Department is releasing details regarding the arrest of Evan Lambert, a news reporter with NewsNation.

According to the police department, they say Lambert was doing a live report from the rear of the gym as the press conference was starting – which started over two hours later than scheduled.

Two Ohio State Highway Patrolmen, along with Adjunct General Major John Harris, walked over to tell Lambert and his videographer live on air to quit reporting from the rear of the gym, which was approximately 30 feet away from the press conference because he was “loud,” according to East Palestine Police.

They say an argument ensued between Lambert and General Harris that was “disturbing the press conference.”

Major Harris claimed that Lambert was coming at him in an aggressive manner and that is when he pushed him in the chest because he felt threatened.

That is when Columbiana County Sheriff Brian McLaughlin, Chief Deputy Tucker and Lt. Caleb Wycoff along with Detective Haueter approached Lambert and told him to leave because the situation had evolved into a physical encounter between Lambert and Major Harris.

Police claim Lambert said he was not leaving and was asked to step outside to talk and he refused. That is when they told him he was being placed under arrest.

Police claim while Lambert was being escorted out, he tried to pull away from the arresting officers and was placed under arrest for criminal trespass at which time they say he resisted arrest.

Police say Lambert was taken to the ground by Detective Haueter and Chief Deputy Tucker. They say the NewsNation reporter was not listening while on the ground and was attempting to get up.

East Palestine Police say that Lambert then complied, stopped resisting arrest and was transported to the Columbiana County Jail for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

Police say they will have no further comment regarding the arrest of Lambert, which Governor Mike DeWine expressed concern with.

“That person had a right to be reporting. They should have been allowed to report,” he said. “If they were in any way hampered from reporting, that certainly is wrong and it’s not anything that I approve of. In fact, I vehemently disapprove of it.”