Carrollton Superintendent submits resignation following criminal indictment; board requests resignation from Pozderacs


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Carrollton schools superintendent Dr. David Quattrochi submitted his resignation to the school board after being indicted on 10 criminal charges related to his position within the school.

Dr. Quattrochi, along with School Board Member Mike Pozderac, 58, and Pozderac’s wife, Jackie, 57, a teacher in the school district are all facing 10 counts.

“Our district takes our work seriously to maintain the highest standards for fiscal responsibility and ethical practices in our operations,” said Dan Ries, Carrollton School Board President. “We are aware of the felony indictments against Superintendent Dr. David Quattrochi, Board Member Michael Pozderac and teacher Jackie Pozderac and are deeply concerned about the serious nature of the allegations.”

Ries said it is a concern to the community that three ‘leaders’ may have used their positions for personal gain.

“It is disappointing to learn that three recognized leaders in our district may have used their positions for personal gain,” he said in a statement. “Their alleged behavior is inconsistent with the strong values we hold within our district.”

Dr. Quattrochi issued his resignation after the board notified him and Jackie Pozderac that they were being suspended after the board learned of the criminal indictments. The board is requesting resignations from Jackie and Mike Pozderac as well.

The Carrollton school board will hold an emergency meeting Friday, Dec. 9 at 3 p.m. Executive session will be held to discuss employment and the investigation.

“Our highest priority is to minimize any disruption within the district and maintain the financial integrity of the district.” President Ries said. “We are firmly focused on the successful continuation of this school year.”