New East Canton shop to serve ice cream, treats year-round


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A new ice cream shop in the village of East Canton has opened its doors.

Sugar Rush Creamery, located at 319 Nassau St, will be open year round – serving ice cream, sweet treats and food.

“It’s very warm and inviting and they just really enjoy it once you’re here,” said owner Trish Straight.

She previously operated the East Canton Dairyette, a walk-up ice cream stand just up the road in the village. Strait said the decision to move to a sit down location was with the customers in mind.

“People, people are important to me. I love the one on one. I love to be able to hear what they’re saying,” she said. “So this just suited us perfectly. I can be open all year. I can help out a lot of people, join fundraisers and stuff like that.”

Once the weather starts to change, many people suffer from seasonal depression. Strait said ice cream always puts a smile on someone’s face.

“Ice cream makes people happy. And that’s what I want to do,” she noted. “I want to be something positive in their day, so whenever they’re having a bad day or even if they’re having a good day I’m here for them, all year now.”

 Ice cream is the main thing served at Sugar Rush Creamery, but they take pride in an expanded menu – including fudge.

“I love trying out different things,” Strait said. “I was introduced to this fudge, and it was amazing. It’s the best fudge I’ve ever had anywhere.”

Strait said she immediately knew she had to offer the fudge in her store.

“I said we have to have that because people are looking for something special,” she added.

Sugar Rush Creamery will also offer gifts to purchase in the shop.

“So I kind of want to be a one stop shop, you know and have it to where nobody in the area like in Louisville or here in East Canton or Malvern, they don’t have to go to Belden Village to get something unique for their loved ones for a gift,” said Strait. 

The hours for Sugar Rush Creamery are Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. and closed on Mondays.