AAM donates Malvern land to Great Trail Fire District for new station, community building


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Photo courtesy of Great Trail Joint Fire District

Many residents of Malvern and surrounding areas may remember the fire at American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM), formerly known as Colfor, in September of 2020.

The early morning fire put hundreds out of work and was devastating to all who worked there.

On Monday evening, the Great Trail Fire District announced that AAM would be donating approximately five acres of land and the former shipping portion of the facility to the Great Trail Joint Fire District.

“AAM was forced to make the very difficult decision to move production to other facilities,” said Fire Chief Ralph Casttelucci. “This decision was not one that AAM made lightly; however was one that was deemed necessary.”

He went on to say that AAM and the fire department became a team.

Castellucci said they worked hand in hand to eliminate the various hazards and issues that arose from the fire.

“AAM became aware of additional needs of the community, and found an avenue where they could give back to the community that supported them and the Malvern facility,” a social media post from GTFD read.

Castellucci said this will be a benefit to Malvern for years to come.

“I met and worked with a lot of AAM personnel over the last 20 months, I can’t say enough about how good they were to work with, and I can honestly say they care about our community,” he said.

This story is developing.