JMN Sports 2022 High School Track and Field/Tennis Area Preview


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Many high school athletes will soon be taking to the track to run and participate in field events for the upcoming spring season, while others will step onto the court for tennis matches.

Here is a look at various area schools for the 2022 season in track and field, and tennis (Note: Only coaches who responded to questionnaires are included in this preview):



Head Coach: Nathan Fisher (3rd season)

Returning lettermen: Donovan Geiger

Brendan Bates

Franko Rome

Kieran Krahel

Janson Alloway

Madison Paden

Kathryn Williams

Haylee Burris

Grace Shipe

Maria Adams

Ava Tank

Team Strengths: A lot of the team’s highest scorers return as upperclassmen. Strong numbers on the boys’ side.

Areas of Improvement: Hurdles & Jumps, we didn’t have much depth or consistent success in these areas last spring.


Head Coaches: Mike Aukerman (Boys); Corwin Koppelman (Girls)

Conference: Eastern Buckeye Conference

Returning Lettermen (Boys): Austin Colletti – Sr., Long jump/sprints/relays

Nathan Baker – Jr., Relays/sprints

Brock Smith – Jr., Relays/sprints

Logan Beaver – Jr., Throws

Brody Moore – Jr., Throws

Jacob Hatfiled – Jr., Sprints

Kobe Green – Jr., Distance

Andy Lane – So., Distance

Returning lettermen (Girls): Erin King – Sr., Hurdles/High jump/Sprints/Relays

Josie Burgett – Sr., Mid-Distance (State qualifier)

Alli Stackhouse – Sr., Mid-Distance

Elizabeth Potts – Sr., Sprints/Relays/Long jump

Maya Keyser – Sr., Hurdles

Bri Shockey – Jr., Sprints/Relays

Makenzie Burgett – Jr., Distance/Relays

Ellie Shafer – Jr., Shot put/Discus

Sophia Glass – So., Sprints/Relays/Hurdles

Top Newcomers (Boys): Hunter Henry – Sr., Sprints

Zach Martin – Jr., Sprints

Ethan Benner – Jr., Hurdles

Braxton Swearingen – Jr., Hurdles

Ricky Sibila – Fr., Distnce

Keegan Barkan – Fr., Jumps/long sprints

Angelo Wilson – Fr., Throws

Dalton Swenney – Fr., Sprints

Turner Eddy – Fr., Distance

Colton Casper – Fr., Throws

Top Newcomers (Girls): Alicia Lebano – Jr., Sprints

Kendall Mclintoc – So., Sprints

Season Outlook: We have a small group but are led by some great individual leaders. The boys and girls will be led by elite performers in the throws, jumps, mid-distance, and relays. Our focus will be on daily progression and development, and the potential to compete at the highest of levels at the end of the year is there. Our season will be dictated by how far our leaders are willing to take us with the potential and vision to win multiple individual and relay titles during the championship season. We look to build on the standards of excellence our program has been built on! 


Head Coaches: Matt Grezlik (Boys); Alyssa Dillon (Girls)

Returning lettermen (Boys): Evan Siedel – Jr., 800/Pole Vault/1600/4×4

Evan Rice – Jr., 100/200/4×1, 4×2

Drake Mullins – Jr., 100/200/4×1, 4×2

Ethan Roach – Sr., Shot put/Discus

Returning lettermen (Girls): Ariona Cunningham – Sr., 100/200/4×1, 4×2

Alexis Booth – So., Shot put/Discus

Haylee Myers – So., Long Jump/100/200/4×1

Jordeyn Warner – Sho putt/Discus

Top Newcomers (Boys): Davind Haney – Jr., Shot put/Discus

Robert Myes – Jr., Shot put/Discus

Luke Smith – Fr., 800/1600/High Jump/Long Jump

Noah Smith – So., High Jump/Long Jump/100/200

Top Newcomers (Girls): Hayden Wilson – Fr., 400/800

Mackenzie Willoughby – So., Shot put/Discus

Trinity Citro – Fr., 800/1600

Team Strength: Everyone seems excited, should be a fun season

Areas of Improvement: Middle/Long Distance – not many who want to run in those events


Head Coach: Tim Smith (7th season)

Conference: East Central Ohio League

Returning lettermen (Boys): Aaron Callentine – Sr., Hurdles

Joey Farthing – Sr., Sprints/High jump (Div. I State Champion)

Jordan Heaston – Sr., Hurdles

Ryan McVicker – Sr., Shot put/Discus (9th place, State)

Egidio DiFazio – Jr., Sprints

Mitchell Martin – Jr., Sprints

Eric Smith – Jr., Sprints/Long jump

Tyler Stevenson – Jr, Sprints

Trey Charlton – So., Distance

Carson Roberson – So., Distance

Nathan Robinson – So., Distance

Josh Smith – So., Sprints/Long jump

Returning lettermen (Girls): Lydia Frank – Sr., Hurdles

Reis Johnson – Sr., Pole vault

Pria Metcalf – Sr., Sprints/Long jump

Makayla Royer – Sr., Sprints

Sophia Bielski – Jr., Sprints/Long jump

Erin Brogan – Jr., Sprints

Kyra Drescher – Jr., Shot put/discus

Alyssa Feller – Jr., Hurdles

Meghan McCrate – Jr., Hurdles

Loretta Plank – Jr., Shot put/discus

Leanna Plank – Jr., Shot put/discus

Bella Zobel – Junior, Sprints/High jump

Tegan Dugger – So., Distance

Top Newcomers (Boys): Luke Jones – Fr., 800/1600

Daylen Clark – Fr., Hurdles/sprints

Isaac Blickensderfer – Fr., Hurdles/Sprints

Top Newcomers (Girls): Ava Zobel – Fr., 200/400

Morgan Karam – Fr., Shot put

Rachel Pfieffer – Fr., Discus

Sydney Stevenson – Fr., 400/800

Season Outlook (Boys): We are hoping to build upon the leadership and experience we have returning in the sprints, hurdles, and field events. In particular, we are excited to watch 2021 state champion Joseph Farthing (high jump), 2021 state finalist Ryan McVicker (shot put), and 2021 Tuscarawas County champion Jordan Heaston (110 hurdles) continue their pursuit of new personal bests.

Season Outlook (Girls): We are confident that as our small but experienced group of juniors and seniors blends with a talented group of newcomers, we will be able to continue our success in girls track and field. We are relying on a select group of returning athletes to provide much-needed leadership, namely district champion Alyssa Feller (110 hurdles), regional qualifiers Makayla Royer (400), Pria Metcalf (relays), Sophia Bielski (relays), and Reis Johnson, who is our current record holder in the pole vault.


Head Coach: Dave Bell (Boys); Madison Campbell (Girls, 2nd season)

Conference: Inter-Valley Conference

Returning lettermen (Boys): David Adams – Sr., Pole vault

Kolton Thomas – So., Hurdles

Max Stead – Jr., 400

Top Newcomers (Boys): Isaac Klaserner – Jr., Distance

Gage Woods – Jr., Distance

Eric Golden – Fr., Jumps/Relays

Owen Fockler – Fr., Relays

Joe Carlisle – Fr., Distance

Returning lettermen (Girls): Bre Taylor (12th)- 4×800, 4×400, high jump. 2021 regional qualifier finalist in the 4×400

Alisha Shaw (11th)- 4×800, 4×400, 400. 2021 regional qualifier finalist in the 4×400

Rylee Raymond (11th)- 4×800, 4×400, 800m, 1600m.

Chloe Erb (11th)- 4×200, 200m, and high jump.

Emma Sprowl (11th)- shot put and discus

Sophia Cox (11th)- discus

Gia Miller (11th)- 4×800, 800m, 1600m

Brianna Cook (10th) – 100m hurdles, 300m hurdles

Lindsay Wrather (10th)- 4×100, 4×200, 100m, long jump Rylie Landis (10th)- 1600m, 3200m

Steph Lute (10th)- 4×100, 4×200, long jump

Top Newcomers (Girls): Micayela Plants (9th) – Great work ethic that will help her succeed in the middle distance competitions (400 meter and 800 meter)
Brookyn Myers (9th)- She is a fierce competitor and will help the team in middle to long distance events (400 meter, 800 meter, 1600 meter, and 3200 meter)

Laynee McDainels (9th)- She is a hard working pole vaulter. She had a very successful middle school season and we are excited to see how she grows during her freshman year!
Lora Shaw (9th)- Lora is a hard worker that will help our team in short to middle distance races (100 meter through 400 meter)

Makayla Dryden (10th)- Makayla will assist our team in sprints and hurdles during this upcoming season. She is an eager learner and we are excited to see her compete!
Ellionna Stidd (9th)- Ellionna will be a great addition to our team in both sprints and field events.

Ryah Stratton (9th)- With a cross country background, we are excited to see Ryah compete in the long-distance competitions this upcoming season.

Season Outlook: I am extremely excited for this upcoming season. We have a lot of really strong newcomers that will help build our team and assist in the path to success. We are very fortunate that many of our athletes have returned from the 2021 track team, and I am eager to see what they accomplish this year!


Head Coach: Jeremy Maher (8th season Girls, 2nd season Boys)

Conference: Inter-Valley Conference

Returning Lettermen (Boys): Landyn Huffman – Sr., 4×200/4×400/400

KJ Thomas – Sr., 100/200/4×100, 4×200

Shane Rodgers – Jr., 4×200, 300 H, 4×400

Seth Kandel – Jr., 800/1600/4×100

Xavier Watson – Jr., 4×100/4×200/100/200

Frank McClelland – So., Shot put/Discus

Returning Lettermen (Girls): Lanie Bower – Sr., 100/200/4×200, 4×400

Emily Nevi – Jr., Shot put/Discus

Hannah Ford – So., 3200/4×800/High jump

Alyssa Boni – So., 4×200, 4×400/400 M

Alyiah Watson – So., 4×200/200 M/4×100/Long jump

Abby Moody – So., 4×800/800/Long jump

Nic Theiss – Sophomore

Top Newcomers (Boys): Johnny Walker – Senior

Kelby Walker – Junior

Ja’son Barrino – Junior

J’Allen Barrino – Junior

Kyle Bossert – So., Shot put/Discus

Anthoe Gerber – Sophomore

Conner Chalmers – Freshman

Evan Debo – Fr.

Jordan Detchon – Freshman

Jacob Kirby – Freshman

Thomas Poole – Freshman

Eric Swain – Freshman

Top Newcomers (Girls): Leah Irvine – Freshman

Rayne Theiss – Freshman

Megan Kuba – Freshman

Kelsey Lyons – Freshman

Season Outlook: With several athletes returning from last year’s team and several key runners back from regional qualifying relay teams, we expect to be competitive in our league and district, and region. We have several new runners this year that will help compete in events we didn’t compete in last year. we have a good mix of veteran runners with Landyn Huffman and Lanie Bower both being 4-year runners for the track program and several new runners that we are excited to see where the year will go for both the boys and girls team. The athletes in both programs are excited to make waves and be competitive in all of our league meets and invitationals we will participate in this year.


Head Coach: Jeremy Rodgers (Boys); Krista Ames (Girls)

Conference: East Central Ohio League

2021 result: ECOL Champions

Returning lettermen (Boys): Evan McInturf – Sr, Sprints/4×100, 4×400 relay 

Reise Meechan – Sr., Sprints/4×100, 4×200 relay

Owen Brady – Sr., Distance

Trevor Bean – Jr., Sprints/4×100, 4×200, 4×400 relay/200m

Chance Rennicker – Sr. High Jump/Sprints

O’hren Martin – Sr., High Jump/mid-distance

Kayden Schoelles – Sr., High jump/mid-distance

Drew Hostetler – Sr., Hurdles

Thad VanArsdalen – Jr., Pole vault

Jesse Brown – So., Pole vault

Tyson Autry – Sophomore distance runner who scored consistently for the team in the 4×800 

Preston Rieger – So., Distance

Top Newcomers (Boys): Elliot Brady – Distance

Zach Rothrock – Throws

Yuji Hasjizume – Distance

William Wallace – Sprints

Etnie Richardson – Sprints/Distance

Sta’shawn Deetz – Sprints

Dawson Ohl – Throws

Phillip Levengood – Throws

Dorian Wilson – Throws

Marco Lopez – Throws

Cash Escusa – Sprints

Team Strength: Strong Senior leadership will be the key to our success this season as their experience should help carry our underclassmen. 

Areas of Improvement: We are looking to score more points in hurdle events this season and hope to develop more depth in the sprint events.


Head Coaches: John Slusser (Boys); Jamie McCrea (Girls, 2nd season)

Conference: Inter-Valley Conference

Returning Lettermen (Girls): Taura Dennis – Sr., 4×100

Hailie Davis – Sr., 200/400

Kaelynn Robinson – Jr., 4×100, 100 hurdles

Jessica Dotson – Jr., Shot put

Alivia Mourer – Jr., 4×100

Alaina Swiney – Sophomore

Top Newcomers (Girls): Alayna Shroyer – Sr., Sprints/400

Karissa Gress – Sr., Sprints

Meagan Mainwaring – So., 200/400

Team Strengths: Sprints and relays. Should have more depth in distance events this year with Swiney.


Head Coaches: Jason Calkins (Boys) Emily Keane (Girls)

Conference: Inter-Valley Conference

Returning Lettermen (Boys): Mason Tucci – Sr., Long jump (State qualifier)/Sprints

Jason Morris – Jr., High jump

Andrew Neary – So., Throws

Marcus Weaver – So., Throws

Top Newcomers (Boys): Thomas Dickey – Jr., Hurdles

Lorenzo Montemezzo – Jr., Mid-Distance, Long sprints

Austin Easterday – So., Throws

Deaune Earley – Fr., Throws

Lucas Gilland – Fr., Jumps/Sprints

Brendan Jones – Fr., Long Sprints

Team Strengths: We are returning a good amount of experience in the jumps and sprints having state and regional placers with Mason Tucci and Jason Morris. We have a good amount of young talent that should have a good season and contribute to the overall success of the team. Sprints are looking promising due to a good turnout of young athletes. Our experienced athletes should provide knowledge and motivation to a promising group of sprinters, jumpers, and throwers. Our distance crew is young but has potential, they gained some good experience in cross country this year. Overall our numbers are a little better than they have been the last few years.

Areas of Improvement: Although we have a couple of athletes with experience, our overall team is very young and inexperienced. We will be going through a learning curve throughout the early season. There is a lot of potential for growth once they gain more experience.

Season Outlook: With the number of athletes coming out this year, and our experienced athletes building on past seasons, I feel this will be one of our most successful seasons in a few years.  We finished 8th in the IVC last year, I am hoping they can be battling for the 3rd to 4th spot.  We should have some really good strength in the jumps, followed by the sprints and throws. We only have one hurdler with experience, Thomas Dickey, but as he progresses, along with some younger hurdlers, we should see success in those events as well. Distance will get us some points as the season progresses and they gain experience. I think this will be one of the most fun and exciting seasons we have had in a while.

Conference Outlook: I believe we can be battling for 3rd to 4th place in the league if our younger athletes step up this year.  Our veterans will take care of business and lead the way.  It will definitely be a fun season full of some personal records and many successes.


Head Coach: Matt Torgler

Conference: Ohio Cardinals Conference

Returning lettermen (Boys): Sawyer Pritt – Sr., Sprints/Long jump

Zach Snow – Sr., Sprints/Pole vault

Zander Shultz – Jr., Sprints/High jump

Zeke Galbraith – Jr. Distance

Grant Miller – So., Throws/Sprints

Quinn Cornwell – So., Sprints/High jump

Kalan Bowling-Cappadony – So., Hurdles/Pole vault

Tristin Middaugh – So., Hurdles/Pole vault

Brayden Lemon – So., Distance

Returning Lettermen (Girls): Amy Hughes – Sr., Shot put/Discus

Laney Duff – Jr., Sprints/High jump

Daphne Alexander – Jr., Sprints/Hurdles

Madisyn Glassford – Jr., Sprints

Brenna Myers – Jr., Distance

Zoe Norris – Jr., Throws/Long jump

Olivia Sampsel – Jr., Distance

Zaylie Shultz – So., Throws/Sprints

Taelor Patterson – So., Distance

Olivia Sampsel – Jr., Distance

Top Newcomers (Boys): Reid Chaney – Fr., Sprints

Elijah Williams-Dixon – Fr., Sprints

Logan Zollars – Fr., Sprints

Kyle Maltarich – So., Relays/Field Events

Sam Williams-Dixon – Relays/Field Events

Top newcomers (Girls): Noelle Smith

Lexy Starner

Zora Starner

Team Strengths: The boys have a lot of depth at sprints and distance. Girls have a good balance of upperclassmen and freshmen.

Area of Improvement: Our team needs to continue to place athletes in field events that can help us earn points in duals and invites. We have a lot of freshmen who only run, placing some into field events will allow for more participation during the season.



Head Coach: Nikki Clarkson (1st season)

Conference: East Central Ohio League

Returning lettermen: Mason Clarkson, Sophomore

Vincent Henning, Sophomore

Reese Malcolm, Sophomore

Top Newcomers: Trenton Huff, Senior

Hudson Osborn – Sophomore

Kopp Baldich – Freshman

Owen Ohl – Freshman

Simeon Stull – Freshman