Ohio House passes bill eliminating need for concealed carry permits


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The Ohio House of Representatives voted on a proposed legislation to eliminate that need to carry a concealed carry permit for Ohioans 21 and older.

The House passed Senate Bill 215 by a vote of 57-35 after it passed through the House Government Oversight Committee Tuesday.

S.B. 215 doesn’t come without pushback from law enforcement. The proposed bill would no longer require Ohio residents with concealed guns to inform law enforcement that they have a weapon during a traffic stop unless asked.

The Senate gave the final passage of the bill and it’s now heading to Gov. Mike DeWine’s desk for his signature.

“As a supporter of the Second Amendment and a gun owner, I believe that this legislation goes too far. We have passed too many bills in this General Assembly that have made Ohioans less safe,” Rep. Miller said in a statement.

View the full proposed legislation here.