Local high school students honor school resource officer with mural


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The individuals who work inside of a school building may be considered as just employees to those from the outside looking in.

But to the students that operate inside those walls, some are considered heroes.

So when art students at Lake High School in Uniontown were asked to create a mural about women that inspired them, their choice was easy.

The school’s student resource officer, Deputy Lirys Bueno.

Bueno appeared on “Live and Local with Jordan Miller” on 1480 WHBC Wednesday and she said that she had an idea of what was about to come, but it was the response from the community that blew her away.

“The art teacher had talked to me about what he had in mind to do,” Bueno said. “But, I did not expect, not only an amazing response from not only the community, but from the staff and the students here that I work with every day.”

Bueno has been the school resource officer at Lake for a year and a half and a Stark County deputy for four years as this is her first position in law enforcement. With being a woman in law enforcement, stereotypes come with the job.

Bueno says that every day, she is positively motivated to be the best version of herself.

“I’ve known I wanted to be a police officer since middle school and ever since I was growing up and telling people that that was what I wanted to do, I realized that I’m not the biggest deputy or law officer. I only weigh 120 pounds, I’m a single mother, so I feel like every day is a challenge for me in a good, positive way. It challenges myself to be a better person and come into work and make everyone here at the school feel a little safer when they see my face.”

The mural that dawns the halls of Lake High School shows a man in speech bubbles saying “Hey, you can’t do that job.” on the right side of the wall. On the left, a picture of Bueno in uniform with a speech bubble that reads “Oh, I most certainly can!”

Bueno isn’t only doing the job, but she’s making a difference.

One day at a time.